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How to: Making your building as bike-friendly as possible

Posted by Jordan Griffin on 7/26/19 2:10 PM

Whether your office is located in a multi-tenant building or you’re the building’s only occupant, accommodating the commuting needs of the people who work in your building is a growing concern. One of the hottest topics? Bicyclists. People who make the effort to bike to work want to feel like they’re recognized, especially because so much of the world around them is designed for cars. So how can you make your building bike-friendly?

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Commuter Benefits Breakdown: Chicago, IL.

Posted by Jordan Griffin on 7/24/19 3:46 PM

With a population of about 2.7 million, Chicago is not only the biggest city in the midwest, but the third largest city in the United States overall. Despite being plagued with bitter winters, Chicago continues to be a hotspot for employers and job seekers alike. 

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Topics: Workplace, Employee Experience, Commuter Benefits

Everything you need to know about employer TDM requirements in Seattle

Posted by Jordan Griffin on 7/18/19 2:55 PM

With companies such as Amazon, Starbucks, and Microsoft calling Seattle home, the number of daily commuters coming into the city every day is only going to continue increasing. In most cases, this means a corresponding increase in the number of cars on the road, but Seattle is leading the fight to minimize single-occupancy vehicle commutes. In fact, despite adding 60,000 jobs from 2010 to 2017, the city actually decreased the drive-alone rate, according to a report from Commute Seattle. So how did they do it?

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